The Whelan Girls

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Our Story

The Whelan Girls are three sisters, each designers in their own trade - textile, graphic, & interior - who wanted a way to collaborate and support each others’ businesses. One Christmas, not satisfied with wrapping paper options available, the girls decided to make their own out of kraft paper and paint. They found a gap in the market for beautiful gift wrap. So much thought and often money goes into the gift, why wouldn’t you want the wrapping to be just as thoughtful? The idea was born!

Since 2016, the girls have brought their design skills together to create beautiful hand illustrated designer gift wrap. The Gift Shop launched in March 2019. A carefully curated collection of treats & treasures, the one stop shop for a thoughtful, special and hand wrapped gift for you or your loved ones. Bringing the joy back to gifting!

meet the girls


Pattern & Fabric Designer

Daisy graduated from the University of Georgia in 2010 with a degree in fabric design from the Lamar Dodd School of Art. She began her career in the fashion industry at Kelly Wearstler Inc. in Los Angeles.

Daisy left Kelly Wearstler Inc. to launch her scarf line, Daisy G, in Savannah at the start of 2012. She also designs for interior, creating custom wall paintings, fabrics and wallpapers for the home. Daisy now lives in Athens, Ga with her husband and two sons.

Her naturalistic, elegant style is rooted in everyday encounters: the colors, textures, and patterns materialized by produce, animals, and the little bits that can be found at every turn.


Graphic Designer

In 2016, Katelyn graduated from the University of Notre Dame with degrees in marketing and visual communication design. After working for Piece & Co. in the summer of 2015, she got a taste for the entrepreneurial spirit of the social enterprise.

Katelyn worked as graphic design director for Rebecca Gardner’s Houses & Parties. She led product design for the Sugar Plum Pop-Up at The St. Regis New York during the 2017 holiday season.

She lives in Savannah, Ga as a freelance graphic designer and director of The Whelan Girls.


Interior Designer & Illustrator

Mimi graduated from the University of Georgia in May of 2017 with a BFA in Interior Design from the Lamar Dodd School of Art. She also cut her teeth in the interior design world as an intern with Kelly Wearstler Inc. It is during her time in LA that Mimi discovered her talent for illustration with her instagram account @Meemz__ .

Mimi moved to NYC in 2018, where she works for interior designer Michelle Gerson.

The execution of her work is energetic, positive and dynamic. She does not hold herself to a particular field of design, but rather focuses on removing the boundaries between them.

In giving of ourselves we receive.
— St. Francis of Assisi